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No, unlike some other comparison sites, we will provide you with an actual comparison online. If you choose to opt into receiving new updates, then we may provide these via email periodically.
If they are not listed, follow the steps here - if you don't see your provider, choose to manually upload a statement.
It’s likely you will have one contract for your terminal hire or gateway, and another for your acquiring service. If your acquiring service provider is listed, then you can compare via that route, if not, then please upload invoices from both and we will take it from there.
No problem, either connect with each individually, or upload statements or invoices for both and we can help you from there.
Yes! The best thing to do is connect with us, or upload your invoices and we will come back to you if we have any questions about your set up.
We include in your comparison all card schemes which we can see in your data that you have processed transactions, apart from Amex. This is because our panel of providers will refer you to Amex for a direct agreement.
No, the service is free to use for merchants. Fee Checkers will receive a small fee from your new provider, if you decide to go ahead via our service.
Yes. We pride ourselves on data security. For more information please visit our privacy policy -
Our integration partner (groov) has connections with a number of providers, where you consent and authenticate via their service to your current provider, which then returns your data. Groov’s data privacy policy can be found here -
No, although if your current provider is a member of our service, they will be included in the comparison for you to view against other providers.
No, we compare against providers signed up to our service, who typically have the lowest fees as they are happy to compete in a transparent comparison tool.
Each comparison is different, and is based on your business’ transactional footprint. This means you likely get different comparisons based on the risk profile of your footprint.
This is a term which we use at Fee Checkers, which is your unique footprint as a business in terms of the types of transactions you process, the amounts and fees. It enables us to give you the best comparison offers.
We use the data that we are provided by your current provider, or what has been uploaded by yourself. Sometimes, if we were only able to access 3 months of data, we would estimate 12 months based on the 3 months we were provided. In some cases, the data we retrieve does not have the richness we require (such as credit, debit or international indicators). Where we do not get this data, we use industry averages against your business type to determine your current fees.
Sure, please call us on 0333 224 1414
To ensure a full service comparison, the following products are always compared. This enables you to have a full service comparison without additional charges being applied for other products: Next day settlement 20 settlements per month Online access to view transactions, fees and invoices 5 Calls to customer services per month PCI Charge Monthly terminal fee Joining Fee
Some providers charge this fee until you demonstrate that your business is PCI DSS compliant. Upon boarding with your new provider, you can advise them and prove your compliance, which should mean that the fee is not charged.
As we are now not comparing like for like, your Terminal fees against what you pay today vs the comparisons will be different. However, your comparisons offers will compare against the different set up which you selected.
If you want to change your comparison for example add or change your terminal requirements, then you need to start the process again.
No, VAT is charged on different parts of the payments ecosystem, which is interpreted differently by different providers, which Fee Checkers are unable to reflect in our platform.
Following your consent, we will pass your details on to the new provider. This will also include some information from your comparison, which means you won't have to provide it yourself to your new provider. Your new provider will then get in contact with you by phone when it is a convenient time to call and complete your application.
Your new provider will take you through what you need to do with your current provider. Please be aware you may need to pay a fee to exit a current contract you are in. This is your responsibility, however some new providers will help you with this cost.
The base product offering and the terminal and additional payment methods you have opted for should in most cases be enough to run your business. If there is something you require outside the base product, such as advanced Management Information (MI), then your new provider can offer this to you at an additional fee. If at point of boarding and receiving your new contract, your new provider insists on having to pay an additional fee, then please let us know at
Your comparison offers are based on the transactions your business did in the last 12 months, and we can’t guarantee you will do those exact same transactions (types, amounts) again this coming year. Our service is to provide a transparent indication where you are most likely to get the best deal based on your previous usage
No, we don't publish the actual fees of our providers online. The pricing is complex and covers a wide range of transaction types and risk profiles. Your actual fees will be provided to you in your new provider contract.
As part of most onboarding processes, your new provider will need to see proof of card turnover, business type, number of chargebacks/ refunds, for them to underwrite your agreement with them.
Feel free to forward it to us, and we can check. We have a unique reference for the tariff you selected with your new provider, and we can check to make sure it's the correct one.
Quality of service is as important as price. Each provider has the opportunity to share their Trustpilot scores and reviews with you in the comparison information. If your experience isn’t what you would expect, then please let us know at
Sorry if this is the case, please email and we will chase this up
They are valid for 7 days. If 7 days pass, a new comparison needs to be generated.
Your new provider will give you all the information you need to switch
Employers’ liability cover is a legal requirement for most businesses with staff, public liability insurance is important if you’re in contact with members of the public, and professional indemnity insurance can be useful if your business offers advice.
If you are self-employed and work entirely on your own, you won’t need employers’ liability insurance. However, it is important to remember that you may need other types of insurance cover, such as public liability, product liability or professional indemnity insurance.
You may need business insurance if you work from home, but what kind of insurance you need will be determined by your particular business. If you welcome clients onto your premises, then you should consider public liability insurance, in case a client suffers an injury while visiting you.
Even if your business operates online – it’s just as real as a bricks and mortar establishment. You can protect it against risk, injury and the damage of possible compensation claims.
You can still get business insurance before you start trading regardless of the business structure you choose. Your insurer won’t need your company registration number, but will need your business name, type and address.
It is typically based on the size and type of your business, the type of industry as well as the size of the potential coverage amount you might want.
Yes, Business insurance can cover you against things like theft, damage, professional mistakes, accidents and legal fees.