Helping merchants find the best processing fees

Who are we?

Fee Checkers have been helping merchants find the right deal since 2022. We are a team of payments experts whose mission is to show merchants where they could save money, and experience a better service

Our Purpose

As technology has advanced, we are now able to digitally retrieve a merchant's historic transactions and fees, to then pass that same data through a panel of comparison providers, in near real time, to see if a merchant could be better off switching provider.

The majority of other comparison sites don't actually compare, and sell a merchant's contact information to multiple providers, who then all call the merchant directly, leaving them inundated with calls and emails, and confused as to what the right deal is.

That's where Fee Checkers is different. The merchant is back in control and able to view comparisons from multiple providers, online, using their data to define true comparisons. Some stay where they are and some choose to switch, whatever is right for their business.